20 LB Medium Exercise Band- With Cover



About this item

  • CLASSIC REDEFINED. The Stroops Slastix Toner is the classic resistance band redefined with our safety sleeved-elastic, or Slastix, technology, which protects against wear, nicks, and cuts as well as from the tubing being overstretched.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS. Made from significantly thicker, high-quality materials, this 48-in. exercise band features dual foam handles for extra comfort and a snap-proof design that protects in the event of a break!
  • VERSATILE & DURABLE. The Slastix Toner adapts to all training styles and goals, making it a versatile tool for your workouts and training. Plus, the Slastix technology makes it durable enough that it is resistant to overstretching or damage from outside elements.
  • BUILT TO LAST. These professional-grade tubes are built to last and maintain their elasticity over many years of training. Recommended for use by athletes, coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, and at-home users.
  • MULTIPLE RESISTANCE LEVELS. Choose from a variety of resistance levels from very light (10 lb.) to very heavy (30 lb.) to elevate your resistance and strength training.


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